Cockpit View Designer

A screenshot of the Cockpit Designer

Cockpit Designer allows the creation of dashboards with web services connected to Data marts. Cockpit Designer combines all the most relevant features to build interactive and ergonomic dashboards. Now create these specific dashboards will no longer be the prerogative of IT technicians. The tool has been designed to meet the analytical requirements of CFOs and business controllers. In order to simplify KPI's development, Cockpit Designer supports drag and drop techniques to create graphical objects and takes advantage of the most advanced analytical components such as hierarchy menu, check box, color coding.

Cockpit View Loader

A screenshot of the Cockpit Loader

In a business environment moving really fast, data are often coming from unstructured data sources such as xls, csv, txt files or even from non-measured information. In order to allow these data acquisition, Cockpit View integrates a web-based application able to load flat files, to create forms for manual coding and to validate importation from a single and easy portal. For structured data sources, Cockpit Data Manager may be used in parallel with ETL jobs powered by Talend Open Studio or any other integration tools. Cockpit Data manager also provides a follow-up module to ensure and monitor data loading processes.

Cockpit View Reader

A screenshot of the Cockpit Reader

Cockpit Reader is a read-only player that permits users to consult dynamically KPI's on a web platform. Cockpit reader has no limitation concerning licenses. Once installed, your Cockpit View dashboards can be reached by one to thousands of users. Cockpit view run with a Flash player on server, no plug-in needs to be installed locally.

Cockpit View Portal

A screenshot of the Cockpit Portal

Cockpit Portal allows managers to publish easily on intranet strategy maps including all the key performance indicators designed by Cockpit designer or by third-party software such as Xcelsius, Microsoft SSRS, Arcplan, Cognos, SAS and Microstrategy... Cockpit Portal is a clear way to organize and display all information requested by executives and managers by adding collaborative functions such as action plans, comments, hyperlinks and causal factors analysis. Cockpit Portal manages security and access rights based on your local active directory or your intranet policy.


Cockpit view was developed with Adobe Flex libraries and with ASP.NET to manage web services and data transfers. The IT specifications are as follows:

Server : Clients : RDBMS through OLEDB Driver: Hardware: Memory: